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Poems Published in Journals

Information for Poems PUblished in journals

Below are references (and downloadable files) of all of Roald's poems that have been published in journals and magazines. And those poems which were not published in magazines, but are in the four book-length collections of his poems that are out of print. What is not here are files for the poems published in Roald's books which are still in print.

Soil Science

The Bennington Review (2023) 12, 213-215.

Quantum Mechanics

(translated into  Spanish by Luisa Pastor and Antonio Martinez, in Mercurio Volante, Supplement to to Hipocritica Lector, March 2022, p. 5.

The Golden Age

Alabama Literary Review , 30, 66 (2021).


Epoch 67(2), 178 (2018).

Sustainable development

translated into Spanish as Desarollo Sustenable by Mónica Mansour, La Gaceta del Fondo de Cultura Economica, Mexico City, No. 486, June 2011, p. 3, and trans. Santiago Aguaded Landero in Voces Verdes de la Tartéside, Universidad de Huelva, 2012, pp. 97-99; Clinical Chemistry, 57, 144 (2011); Media Fields Journal, 4 (2012), available at

The Difference Between Art and Science,II

Webster Review, 14, No. 2, 89 (1990); translated into Italian by Vincenzo Schettino, in “La Decima Musa”, V. Schettino. Firenze University Press, 2016, p. 255- 6.

Touching the Surface

New Letters (1987). (Honorable mention in New Letters Literary Awards for 1986.); (translated into French by Pierre Laszlo), Nouv. J. Chim., 12, 5 (1988); (translated into Portuguese by Clara Pinto Correia) CTS (Lisbon), No. 7/8, 17 (1989).

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