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Poems Published in Books

Four of Roald Hoffmann's collections of poetry are out of print in 2023:

The Metamict State 1987

Gaps and Verges 1990

Memory Effects 1999

Soliton 2002

All of these may be purchased online from the usual used book sources. In the submenus in this section (to the right) you can access  files with all the poems in these books. Downloadable files for each of the poems may also be found in the Poems Published in Journals submenu. If you need to reference the poems, you can do so by either the journal reference (in Poetry Publication List) or by the book.

In-print are the books that follow. For these, the texts of the poems are not provided (please buy the books!), but a Table of Contents is, as a file in the submenus at right.

Catalista: Poemas Escogidos Roald Hoffmann, 2002

       Huerga & Fierro Editores, Madrid, 2002; Bilingual edition, Spanish translations by several people, edited by Francisco Garcia Olmedo.

Roald Hoffmann Izbrannie Stichotvorenia, 2010

       Izdatel’stvo Tekst, Moscow, Bilingual edition, Russian/English; Russian translations, mainly by Alla Mikhalevich and Victor Fet.

Zassou. 2018

       A poem, “A Kyushu Weed Story,” is roughly the text of a Japanese language children’s book, “Zassou” (“Weeds”), by Roald Hoffmann and Mika Yoshizawa, published by Imajinsha in Tokyo in 2018.

Constants of the Motion, 2020

       Dos Madres Press, Loveland OH, 2020.

Mother and I Hiding in the Attic (in Japanese), a translation of some poems of Roald’s made by Keiko Kawashima, with drawings by Emi Higashiura. 2022. Privately printed. Copies available from Keiko Kawashima,

Los Hombres y las Moléculas, 2023

       Auralaria Editores, Orihuela, Spain,  Bilingual edition in Spanish/English, Spanish translations by Luisa Pastor.


translated into Spanish as Desarollo Sustenable by Mónica Mansour, La Gaceta del Fondo de Cultura Economica, Mexico City, No. 486, June 2011, p. 3, and trans. Santiago Aguaded Landero in Voces Verdes de la Tartéside, Universidad de Huelva, 2012, pp. 97-99; Clinical Chemistry, 57, 144 (2011); Media Fields Journal, 4 (2012), available at