Roald Hoffmann

World of Chemistry


Here’s the good news: The World of Chemistry videos are back, all 26 episodes. We are all grateful to Ben  Horton and Karl KIstler for finding usable DVDs and uploading them.


The videos are available on YouTube:  links to all 26 from If  you wish to search for individual programs, I found “Program Title World of Chemistry” works best.


And on which gives access to all 26 videos. Searching on them individually is less easy; they are under the Community Video category.


Let’s hope they’ll stay on. You know the background: I had no rights in the videos, those were held by the producers, Educational Film Center and University of Maryland, with their distribution subsequently contracted out to a series of distributors. A very good faith effort was made by me to get the rights and distribute the videos. No response ever came. I interpret this as permission to distribute and use the videos in any noncommercial way.


In addition to the online versions you can access, I have, thanks to Ben, the contents in several other formats:


1. 4 DVD’s with the programs.


2, A DVD with Computer File Versions


3. A USB Drive with the DVD Iso raw image files, Computer playable video files, and PDF Transctipts.


Should the internet sources fail you, I can make copies of any of these 3 items, and send them to you. This would take time and work, as I have no help. But it can be done.