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1. March 22, 2006  Staged Rehearsed Reading (preceded by Workshop) at The King’s University College, Edmonton, Alberta.

Director: Steven Heatley

Actors: Michele Brown, Robert Clinton, Maralyn Ryan

Dramaturge: Geoffrey Brumlik

Designer, Stage Manager: Daniel van Heyst

Workshop was produced with assistance from the Alberta Playwrights’ Network and Theatre Alberta

2. Jan. 23, 2007: Bern, Switzerland. Staged, rehearsed reading at Kuppelraum, Univ. of Bern, by Upstage Productions. Bruce Caldwell, Director.

3. August 5, 2007:  Torino, Italy (in English), at 41st Congress of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Full production with      Director: Steven Heatley

Actors: Michele Brown, Robert Clinton, Maralyn Ryan

Designer, Stage Manager: Daniel van Heyst

Music: Paul Morgan Donald

Stage Manager: Sharon Macelli

Videographer and Projection Designer: Reuben Mahaffy

Production website:

4.  September 19, 20, 21, 22, 2007: Edmonton, Alberta, productions at King’s University College (Sept. 19, 20), and Timms Center for the Arts, University of Alberta (North American Premiere, Sept. 21, 22), as part of Edmonton Cultural Capital Festival.

         Production company as in 2. above.

5. October 14,15 2007: Italian language production at  Bergamo Scienza, Bergamo Science Festival, Italy.  An Italian translation of the play has been published by DiRenzo Editore, Rome, Italy, in April 2007. The translation is by Maria Pia Felici, and is entitled “Se si può, si deve?” The production was by Araucaìma Teater group of Bergamo,  directed by Alberto Salvi.

6. February 23, 2008: Staged reading at  Black Box Theatre, Knoxville, Tenn. Directed by Amy Hubbard, with actors Ann Elizabeth Lyon (Katia), Jacques Durand (Stefan), Sara Schwabe (Julia).

7. March 4-8, 2008: The Frederick Wood Theatre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Production company as in 2. above, with Holly Turner playing the role of Juli

8. Russian translation published: Kto-to Dolzhen, transl E. S. Oganessian, Dec. 2008, by Russian Mendeleyev University of Chemistry and Technolog

9. Hebrew (Tsarich Haya, tranl. Yitzhak Marcus), and German (Hätte man bloss, transl. Karl-Heinz Hellwich) translations available, 2008-9.


10. May 6, 2011, Reading in German, Hätte man bloss,  Kleines Haus, Stadthalle, Bayreuth. Directed by Isabella Gregor, with Alexandra M. Timmel (Julia), Nicola Trub (Katie), Heinz Wustinger (Stefan).

11. May 12, 2011, Arts Arena, University of Paris, Door Studios. Directed by Chris Mack, with Tanya Blumstein (Katie), Peggy Smithhart (Julia), Robert William Bradford (Stefan).

12. June 13-15, 2011, Merida, Venezuela, Spanish language reading.

13. Spanish language translation published, Debió Ser, Universidad de los Andes Press, Merida, Venezuela, translated by Miguel Delgado, Graciela Diaz de Delgado, Daniel Delgado Diaz.

14. Sept. 19, 2011, University of Mississippi Theatre, Oxford, Miss., staged rehearsed reading directed by Norman Easterbrook.

15. Dec. 5, 2013, Reader’s Theatre, Ithaca, staged rehearsed reading, directed by Anne Marie Cummings, with Anne Marie Cummings as Katie, Effie Johnson (Julia), Tony Simione (Stefan)

 16. Oct. 27, 2014. Staged rehearsed reading at National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D. C. in collaboration with the Studio Theatre.

Directed by Nathan Norcross, featuring Alyssa Wilmoth Keegan, Liz Pierotti, and Peter Pereyra.

17.  2022, full production in Portuguese, retitled “Transgressões”, in Teatro Extremo in Almeda, Portugal, March 25-April 30, 2022.

Translated by Jose Moura.