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Los Hombres y las Moleculas

Bilingual selection of poems, translated and edited by Luisa Pastor. Published  by Auralaria Ediciones, Orihuela, Spain, 2023


a play, published  here in a bilingual English and Spanish edition in 2011 by Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. Hebrew, Russian and German editions are also available.


A play by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann. Published by VCH in 2001, with numerous translations in other languages.

Zassou (Weeds)

A poem, “A Kyushu Weed Story,” is the subject of a Japanese language children’s book, “Zassou”(“Weeds”), by Roald Hoffmann and Mika Yoshizawa, published by Imajinsha in Tokyo in 2018.

Joy Goswami: Selected Poems

edited by Roald Hoffmann, translated by several, Whale & Star Press, distr. Univ. Nebraska Press, 2013

Roald Hoffmann Izbrannie Stichotvorenia

Izdatel’stvo Tekst, Moscow, 2010; Bilingual edition, Russian/English; translations mainly by Alla‏‏‎ Mikhalevich and Victor Fet.

Beyond the Finite: The Sublime in Art and Science

Edited by Roald Hoffmann and Iain Boyd Whyte, Oxford University Press, New York, 2011. Originally published in German as Das Erhabene in Wissenschaft und Kunst: Űber Vernunft und Einbildungskraft, ed. Roald Hoffmann and Iain Boyd Whyte,Editions Unseld (Suhrkamp), Berlin, 2010.

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