Roald Hoffmann

Production History

  1. Workshop and three dramatic readings 

    University of Richmond
    Monday Night World Theater
    Modlin Center for the Arts
    Sept. 14, 15, 16 2009

    Something That Belongs to You Cover 

    Director: Walter Schoen
    Stage Manager: Donna E. Coghill
    Producer: Paul Kappel


    Frieda: Dorothy Holland
    Emile: Rusty Wilson
    Alla: Irene Ziegler
    Tamar: Julie Fulcher
    Heather: GlennMary Carroll
    Danny: Patrick Jones

  2. Dramatic reading
    Univ. of North Texas Dance and Theatre Dept., 
    Feb. 4th, 2010


    Director: Andy Harris 


    Frieda: Marjorie Hayes
    Emile: Brian Hill
    Alla: Candace Cockerham
    Tamar: Victoria Eaton
    Heather: Kerry Goldmann
    Danny: Andrew Bourgeois
    God/Narrator: Andrew Aguilar

  3. Staged reading at The Players
    New York City, May 17, 2011

    Staged Reading NYC

    Director: James Lawson


    Emile: John Martello
    Frieda: Marjorie Hayes
    Tamar: Sharoon O’Connell
    Heather: Claire Lucido
    Danny: Douglas Harvey
    Alla: Karin de la Penha

  4. Staged Reading
    Black Box Theatre, Palm Springs High School, 
    May 24, 2011 

    Director: David Catanzarite 

  5. Staged Reading
    Carousel Theatre, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, April 20, 2013

    Directed by Dennis E. Perkins


    Frieda: Eileen Conway
    Emile: Zack Allen
    Tamar: Amy Hubbard
    Heather: Jenny Cunic
    Danny/young Emile: Brandon Wilhoit
    Alla: Katie Norwood Alley 

  6. Full production
    in German (translated by Hartmut Frank), as “Was Euch Gehört”

    Bayreuth, StadtHalle, Kleines Haus, Sept. 27, 2014.

    Was Euch Gehort

    Director: Jan Burdinski 

    Scenery: Karin Pollak 


    Frieda: Marsha Cox 
    Emil: Markus Veith
    Tamar: Laura Mann
    Heather: Bettina Wagner
    Danny: Alexander Boock
    Alla: Carolin Barczyk
    Young Frieda: Kirsten Annika Lange
    Young Emil: Lars Eichhorn

    In 2015 there were three further performances of the same production:

    9/25/15  in Ambach/Ursensollen 

    9/27/15 in Darmstadt

    9/28/15 in Frankfur

    In these there were two new actors for

    Alla: Karin Schubert 
    Young Frieda: Heidi Lehnert 


    Published in Japan
    translated by Keiko Kawashima, Izumi Shuppan Insatsu, Osaka, 2014,

    Japanese version

  8. Published in German
    trans. H. Frank and C. Reichert, Cantus Verlag, Eschach,  2015.

  9. Published in 2015 by Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH. 


  10. Staged rehearsed reading
    at Isabel Bader Theatre of Queens University, Kingston, Ont. Canada

    Director: Craig Walker, with music (Chopin) by John Burge, piano


    Danny: Owen Strong
    Heather: Rebecca Solway
    Tamar: Hollie Stewart
    Frieda, 81: Carolyn Hetherington
    Frieda, 32: Anna Sudac
    Emile, 55: Craig Walker
    Emile, 6: Colin McLeod
    Alla: Amie Bello 

  11. 11. Full production in Japanese at Theatre, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya, Japan, Nov. 1, 3, 5, 6.



    Director: Ryou Tadaki

    Stage Designer: Takeyoshi Ishimatsu

    Frida: Mizume Ito

    Emile: Ryou Tadaki

    Tamar: Momen Ichitani

    Heather: Yukari Fujinatsu

    Danny: Takuya Nakayama

    Young Frida: Emi Ando

    Young Emile: Yuuto Takano, Haruto Nonoyama

    Alla Olesko: Toshiko Naganawa

    Myroslav Olesko: Douryu Shibata

    Uncle Ernie: Yuta Nakamura

    God: Kiyoshi Tamaki

    Angels: Norio Sakurai, Yu Nagasei, Fuko Ando, Yasutaka Murata, Atsuya Suzuki, Yuki Nakamura


    12. Full production in Japanese in 2017,  


  14. directed by Hitoshi Uyama, former director of New National Theatre, Tokyo:

    May 18 in Kodaira

    May 26-28 in Noto

    May 30-31 in Nishinomiya

    June 2nd in Tajimi

    June 4 in Chiryu

    June 14-25 in Tokyo (Shin Kokuritsu Theater, 400 seats)

    Full production televised nationally in Japan on Aug. 6, 2017.